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City of San Francisco

Alfred Dunhill of San Francisco : 250 Post Street, San Francisco, CA {MAP}
415-781-3368 --- Hours: Mon-Sat: 9am-6pm, Sun: 12pm-6pm
The store is located just off Union Square between Stockton/Grant in the old "Gump's Building". It is a very high-end men's clothing store that has a great humidor room in the back. They have overstuffed leather chairs and an excellent selection of premium cigars.
- Macanudo Portofino: $8.00, They do not carry any Arturo Fuente cigars.

Ashbury Tobacco Center : 1524 Haight Street (@ Ashbury), San Francisco, CA {MAP}
415-552-5556 --- Hours: 9:30 am - 9:30 pm, 7 days a week.
While it does have a separate "head shop" in back (for the "space cadet crowd"), the whole front room is exclusively cigars, humidors, rolling tobacco and the like. Their two floor-to-ceiling wall humidors are well stocked with excellent  premium cigars at "standard SF prices". (Review by: Bernie Adalem)
- Macanudo Portofino: $8.99, AF Curlyhead: Out-of-Stock.

Beverages, & More: [Click here to see the review ]
San Francisco: 201 Bayshore Bl. (2 blocks north of Goodman Lumber) {MAP} / 415-648-1233

California Tobacco Center : 1501 Polk St. (@ California), San Francisco, CA {MAP}
415-885-5479 or 1-800-59-CIGARS --- Hours: 9am-10pm, 7 days a week.
This place has some of the best prices on cigars in the city and the owner, Nick, is knowledgeable and quite helpful. They feature a wide variety of premium cigars. They also stock a large selection of smoker's accessories (lighters, ashtrays, cutters, etc.). They have a small smoking area with comfortable chairs near the street side window. The atmosphere is quite welcoming, a nice change from the attitude of elitism I find in many other SF tobacco/cigar shops. Check it out for yourself! (Review by:
- Macanudo Portofino: $ 7.49, AF Curlyhead: $2.19.

Cigarettes Cheaper (3 Locations in SF) :

  • 17 Kearny St. (@ Geary) , San Francisco, CA -- 415-986-6428
  • 179 O'Farrell St. (@ Powell), San Francisco, CA -- FAX 415-398-7582
  • 2304 Mission St. (@ 19th St.), San Francisco, CA -- 415-285-1193

  • Cigarettes Cheaper is a chain store. The prices are average and the selection is poor (for the time being). Most locations have one tall cabinet humidor, some have small walk-in humidors. The staff has limited knowledge of cigars. The clerk I spoke with was completely clueless ("duh.. what's relative humidity?" "Maduro.. are those from Cuba?" "We have lots of Cuban Cigars.. see, it says `Cuban Seed' right here!"). This place is okay for an "emergency smoke". The storage conditions appear to be adequate (I guess someone there must know what they're doing.. apparently they just don't work at the sales counter).  Marvin's CA Magazine site lists both of these locations as stocking cigars.. I guess they don't get out of New York much to confirm the data in their "Cigar Shop Listing".
    - Both Locations: Macanudo Portofino: None, AF Curlyhead: None.

    Golden Gate Sundries : 905 California St (@ Powell), SF, CA 94104 {MAP}
    415-397-3199 --- Hours: 7 am-10:30 pm, 7/week, 365/days a year.
    One cabinet humidor filled with many different premium brands at premium prices.
    - Macanudo Portofino: $9.95 -yikes!, AF Curlyhead: Do not stock.

    Grant's Tobacconists : 562 Market St. (between Montgomery/Sansome), SF, CA {MAP}
    415-981-1000 --- Hours: M-F 9-5:30, Sat 10-5:30, Closed Sunday.
    Nice and knowledgeable. Very wide selection. Oriented towards the executive cigar smoker but not snooty. Saturdays are the best times to shop here. There are fewer customers and a low key and helpful staff.
    - Macanudo Portofino: $6.90, AF Curlyhead: $2.70

    Greystone Wine & Liquor : 4100 24th (@ Castro Street) in Noe Valley, SF, CA
    415-824-9646 --- Hours: Daily 10:30am-11pm, daily (365 days a year).
    The owner, Gary Speer, was very helpful and will answer any questions you have about cigars. He's been in business at this location for over 20 years and if you go there, you'll see why. He has a great selection of fine wines and a good selection of premium cigars. He carries Dunhill, Macanudo, Hoyo de Monterrey, Ashton, and many other fine brands. The cigars are pretty reasonably priced and the storage conditions are excellent (especially for a liquor store).
    - Macanudo Portofino: $7.25, AF Curlyhead: $3.00

    Hennesey's Liquors : Two Locations in San Francisco

  • 3600 16th @ Market Street -- 415-864-6677
  • 199 Brannan @ 1st (near Embarcadero) -- 415-777-9403

  • Fine liquor stores with a good wine and beer selection. Both locations feature large counter humidors with a fine selection of outstanding cigars at "regular SF prices". The owners are knowledgeable and stock only premiums ranging from Hamilton's, Avo's, and Zino's on the high end.. to "regular smokes" like Macanudo, Camacho and Don Thomas. Good if you're out on the town late (open until 10pm on Sundays) and don't want to pay "club" price$ or in need of good drinks and cigars to take home for a nightcap! The Market Street location is across the street from Cafe Flore. The Embarcadero location is near Gordon Biersch.. which features a wonderful cigar friendly patio!  
    - Both Locations: Macanudo Portofino: Out-of-Stock, AF Curlyhead: Out-of-Stock.

    The Humidor (#1) : 2201 Union St. (@ Fillmore, on the southwest corner), SF, CA {MAP}
    415-563-5181 --- Hours: Sun-Thur 10-10, Fri-Sat 10-12 midnight.
    This is the best use of a former "San Francisco Musicbox Store" that I have ever seen!  This is a new shop (opened in October 1996) in the fashionable "Cow Hollow/Union Street" area. This is a great place to stroll along with a cigar. There are lots of outdoor patio cafes, bars and street-side seating areas to dine and drink while enjoying your smokes. The shop is equipped with six 7 foot tall cabinet humidors that are well maintained and very well stocked (AF's from 6.90 to 14.00, Dunhill's, Avo's, Macanudo's, Moore and Bode and many more). The prices are a bit steep though (give 'em a break, it's a high rent area). They have a good selection of tabletop humidors and other smokers accessories also. The staff seemed very attentive and helpful. They offer "sampler packs" (in the humidor along the back wall) containing a variety of 3 to 8 premium and super premium cigars in clear zip-lock bags for $19 to $30 a bag.
    - Macanudo Portofino: $8.90 (ouch!), AF Curlyhead: Out-of-Stock.

    The Humidor (#2) : 2050 Chestnut St. (@ Mallorca, on the northwest corner), SF, CA
    415-561-0491 --- Hours: Mon-Thur 10-9, Fri-Sat 10-11, Sun 10-7
    This is a real gem! Located on the corner of Chestnut and Mallorca across from the Wells Fargo Bank (parking at the bank is $6.00) but there is street parking, if you can find it. This store has a nice large selection featuring Padron, H. Upmann, Macanudo, Avo, etc. Overall a nice selection. Store employs a very knowledgeable staff. Try and visit when Richard Wang is working, he is one of the most informative cigar and pipe lovers I have ever met. Friendly and courteous, The Humidor has a wide range of smoking accessories and a pleasant atmosphere. (Review by: Nicholas Theodore)
    - Macanudo Portofino: $6.50, AF Curlyhead: $2.50

    International House of Wine & Spirits :  395 Geary Street, SF, CA
    415-989-8311 --- Hours: 7 am to 2 am, daily.
    Word is they stopped selling cigaes here in September-October 1998.

    Jim Mate Pipe & Tobacco Shop : 575 Geary St. (Between Taylor/Jones), SF, CA {MAP}
    415-775-6634 --- Hours: Mon-Sat: 9-5:30, Closed Sundays.
    Not the greatest selection of cigars, but this is an old smoker's standby with an exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable owner. Its also a very genuine place, not at all stuck up. Lots of smoking accessories and a good pipe selection as well.
    - Macanudo Portofino: Out-of-Stock, AF Curlyhead: Out-of-Stock.

    Michaelis Wine & Spirits : 2189 Union St. (@ Fillmore, northeast corner), SF, CA 94123
    415-921-5700 --- Hours: Mon-Wed: 11-12, Thur-Sat: 11-2, Sun: 11-10. {MAP}
    Impressive selection, prices and storage for a liquor store. They have five 3 1/2 foot tall cabinet style humidors. Selections include Partagas/Macanudo, H.Upmann, various Don Thomas choices including Astral's and Hamilton's. They had Hoyo de Monterrey, Mi Cubano, and many more. Located diagonally across the street from "The Humidor" smoke shop (listed above) in the "Cow Hollow/Union Street" area.
    - Macanudo Portofino: $ 6.99, AF Curlyhead: Not-in-Stock.

    Mr. Liquor : 250 Taraval Street (between 12th/Funston Avenues.), SF, CA {MAP}
    415-731-6222 --- Hours: Mon-Sat: 8-6:30, Sun: 10:30-5:30.
    This is not really a "smoke shop" per se, but they carry some very good cigars (including some Arturo Fuente, Partagas and others) in a large stand-alone humidor. They feature an excellent selection of premium wines and spirits. (Review by:
    - Macanudo Portofino: Out-of Stock, AF Curlyhead: Out-of-Stock.

    Neiman Marcus, Men's Floor : 150 Stockon Street, San Francisco, CA
    415-392-3900 --- Hours: 10-8 M-F, 11-7 Sat, 11-6 Sun.
    Word is they stopped selling cigars here in September-October 1998. They still feature a selection of high-end (and high priced) humidors. You're best bet is to go over to the nearby Nob Hill Cigars for your smokes!

    Nob Hill Cigar Shop : 699 Sutter Street (@ Taylor), San Francisco, CA {MAP}
    415-928-5799 -- Hours: M-Th: 10-9, Fri-Sat: 10-11, Sun: 12 noon-6.
    An extremely pretty shop. Nob Hill Cigars has a perfect location... it's close to Murray's Cigar and Cognac Lounge.. but, not too close to Union Square to attract a massive amount of tourists. The walls of the main room are set up with wall-inset humidors which contain a good selection of cigars. At my last visit, I noted selections from Padron, Mi Cubana and a few others that are not easily found in San Francisco. Though their selection rivals that of Grant's, their prices are a bit higher (blame it on premium rent space). The staff is well versed and pleasant to deal with. All in all, a very nice cigar shop.
    - Macanudo Portofino: $7.35, AF Curlyhead: $2.15.

    Sherlock's Haven : 275 Battery St. (@ Sacramento), San Francisco, CA {MAP}
    415-362-1405 -- Hours: M-F: 9-7, Sat: 12noon-6, Sun: 12-5.
    Their new location is BIGGER AND BETTER! It is located Between Sacramento/California Streets. Mr. Marty Pulvers is the proprietor. He writes regularly for the "Cigar Monthly" magazine. Marty knows his stuff backwards and forwards, and is friendly and totally unpretentious (Marty is so good that it's best to call and see if he's going to be in the store before going there). The new shop has a large walk-in humidor with a wide variety of super premiums. They are the only authorized Davidoff dealer in SF. They also stock the hard-to-get Moore & Bode Cigars as well as Paul Garmirian Cigars (yum!). They have one of the best collections of quality personal humidors ranging in price from $95 to $8500. This is undoubtedly one of the top three cigar shops in the SF Bay Area (but it hasn't gone to their heads).
    - Macanudo Portofino: $7.20 AF Curlyhead $2.50.

    Vendetta Men's Accessories : 12 Tillman Place, San Francisco, CA {MAP}
    415-397-7755 --- Attached to Fumo Blu Smoking Club
    Tillman Place is located off of Grant between Sutter and Post.
    Club membership is $300 a year. The selection of cigars in the men's shop downstairs is quite good, and they are well humidified. Bruce, the owner, is knowledgeable about cigars and very friendly. Membership gets you a 10% discount in the store, and you are allowed to store a bottle in the club room (the club provides "set-ups" for your drinks). Overall, this is a good place to spend your lunch hour if you can afford the membership. (Review by

    The following locations need reviews/comments:

    Editor's Note: I have added many UNREVIEWED locations with minimal information..
    If you have any info on these places, or want to contribute a review of any of these shops, it would be greatly appreciated. I will be adding cross streets and -map links- for all of these locations soon.  I suspect many of these may be merely "head shops", catering to the "space cadet" crowd or newsstands that carried premium cigars years ago that only stock cheap drugstore brands now. Those locations will be moved to the "Worth Missing List" when confirmed as such.

    A D Tobacco : 1343 Polk St., San Francisco, CA

    B & A Convenience Store : 235 Montgomery St., San Francisco, CA

    Broadway Cigars & Liquors : 550 Broadway, San Francisco, CA

    Castro Smoke House : 409 Castro Street, San Francisco, CA

    Fourth Street Smoke Shop : 654 4th Street, San Francisco, CA

    Geary Street Smoke Shop : 599 Geary St. (@ Jones) , San Francisco, CA

    Ho Ho Smoke Shop : 26 Geary St. (@ Grant), San Francisco, CA< BR>415-362-3940

    International Smoke & News : 4059 18th Street, San Francisco, CA

    Jim's Smoke Shop : 600 20th Street, San Francisco, CA

    Market & Van Ness Smoke Shop : 1486 Market Street, SF, CA

    Marquard's Smoke Shop : 167 Powell St. (@ O'Farrell), San Francisco, CA

    Mason Smoke & Tobacco Shop : 37 Mason Street, San Francisco, CA

    Michael's Pit Stop : 1001 Page St., San Francisco, CA

    Mini Smoke : 417 Hyde Street, San Francisco, CA

    N & A Tobacco : 1343 Polk Street, San Francisco, CA 94109

    Peter's Smoke Shop : 1054 Market Street, San Francisco, CA

    Roniel's Discount Smoke Shop : 1061 Market Street, SF, CA

    Rosebowl Florist & Wine Shop : 601 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco, CA
    415-474-1114 --- Hours: 10am-6pm, daily.

    Sammy's Snacks : 213 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA

    Sid's Pipe Dreams : 531 Castro Street, San Francisco, CA

    Smoke on Polk : 644 Polk Street, San Francisco, CA

    The Smoke Screen : 1181 Polk Street, San Francisco, CA

    Check out some of the places listed above and let me know what they have to offer and what you think!

    The official "Worth Missing List"
    (formerly known as -The Confirmed "Head Shop" List-)
    ("Head Shops" and so-called "Smoke Shops" with small, poorly
    stored, token, cigar selections (at best) at ridiculous prices..)

    Good Fellows : 473 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA
    415-255-1323 --- Hours: ?
    This is a small head shop/tobacco shop with a tiny humidor. They stock maybe 4-5 brands with about 3 varieties per brand. The clerks are more interested in their selection of "water pipes" and "international cigarette" selection than their cigars and are generally not helpful. Prices are fair but the cigars were in poor condition and insufficiently humidified. Cigars seen on last visit Hoya de Nicaragua and Hugo Cassar Mystique. (Review by: Avery Glasser)

    Mission Smoke Shop : 2063 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA  - "Head Shop"

    Montgomery Plaza Smoke Shop : 456 Montgomery Street, SF, CA   415-296-7916
    The name is quite misleading as it really isn't a "smoke shop" at all. This is more of a deli, with newspapers, candy, soda, coffee and a small, bad selection of wine. Their selection of "cigars" is strictly the "drug store" variety: Garcia y Vega, White Owl, Swisher's etc.. All in packages on an unhumidified shelf. They have no selection of premium cigars at all.   You are warned..   (Review by: Shawn Evans)

    Pipe Dreams : 1376 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA  - "Head Shop"

    Rialto Smoke Shop : 114 New Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA
    415-543-2613 ---  Unfortunately, this is not really a smoke shop - a big selection of magazines, a few cold drinks, and an unhumidified shelf with a few boxes of drugstore cigars behind the counter.  Not a premium cigar in sight! (Review by  Rich Koch)

    The Store on the Corner : 121 New Montgomery St., SF, CA
    415-781-3348  --- This place has a fair sized humidor right by the door - but it had no hygrometer and didn't appear to be operational.  Inside, there were two empty cigar boxes  - one Macanudo and one Partagas - they looked like they'd been empty for quite some time along with a small selection of cheap drugstore cigars gathering dust.  Too bad, not a premium cigar to be found!  (Review by:  Rich Koch)

    Underground Smoke Shop : 994 Market Street, SF, CA - "Head Shop"

    If a cigar shop or cigar bar you frequent in the City of San Francisco is not listed here, please let me know by e-mail, or submit a listing (partial or complete) or review and I will add it as soon as possible.

    Happy smoke trails,
    - Mark Howard aka

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