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Outside of Las Vegas

Cigar Makers

Casillas Cigars
1581 South Virginia
Reno, NV

Humidor stocked with a good variety of their freshly hand-rolled premium cigars. They also roll cigars while you watch/wait. Some of the cigars there come from their Sacramento store. This is a family business. Helpful, knowlegeable and friendly.

Cigar Sellers

Carson Cigar Company
318 N. Carson #101
Carson City, NV

Equipped with a walk-in humidor, full cigar bar and lounge featuring single malt scotches, single barrel bourbons, and a fine line of cognacs. Large comfortable leather chairs and quality microbrews and imports.
(Review by cigargro@cigargroup.com)

Cecil's Market
Hwy 50 & Park Ave.
South Lake Tahoe, CA/NV

Small cabinet humidor. Located about a block from the casinos at Stateline.

Hyatt Lake Tahoe Country Club & Lakeshore
Incline Village, NV

They have recently added a retail humidor and carry a good selection of quality premium cigars.

Tinder Box International
3950 Mayberry Landing, Reno, NV
702-787-0622 / 702-787-2215

Nice new store design.. worth checking out! This is one of the new ideas TB Int'l has come out with. A large well-stocked humidor and a smoking lounge. Simply outstanding! The owner, Jay Schmitt, is friendly and can be reached via e-mail!

Tinder Box
Park Lane Mall, Reno, NV

Walk-in humidor with a decent selection of cigars. This shop is more pipe oriented.

Tribal Smoke Shop
1953 N. Carson, Carson City, NV

Questionable (humidification) storage conditions.

Cigar Friendly Restaurants

Bistro Roxi Restaurant : 345 N. Virginia St., Reno, NV
702-786-5700 -- Open ?
Located in the El Dorado Hotel/Casino in downtown Reno. Fine gourmet dining in a 100% cigar friendly atmosphere! This restaurant opened in December 1996. They also have a retail humidor with a few choice selections. A very "cigar-friendly" place.

Blue Lamp Lounge : 241 S. Sierra St., Reno, NV
702-786-6004 -- Open ?
Always a very "cigar-friendly" place, they host a special "Friday Nite Martini Hour" from 4-7pm. Great live jazz on Sunday nights too. (Review by: xcesssmoke@aol.com)

Bogey's Bar & Grill : 3500 Sullivan Ln. (at Wildcreek Golf Course) Sparks, NV
702-673-5456 -- Open: ?
They allow cigar smoking in the patio area only.

The Brew Brothers Restaurant & Bar : Reno, NV
1-800-648-5966 --Open: ?
Located in the El Dorado Hotel/Casino in downtown Reno. They host a monthly "Co-Ed Cigar Smoker" and also sell some cigars at the bar. A very "cigar-friendly" place. (Review by JOELMIC@aol.com)

Brick's Restaurant & Wine Bar : 1695 S. Virginia St., Reno, NV
702-786-2277 -- Open: ?
Quite a "cigar-friendly" place with great atmosphere. They permit cigar smoking in the bar and in the lounge area. (Review by xcesssmoke@aol.com)

Rapscallion Seafood House : 1555 Wells Ave., Reno, NV
702-323-1211 -- Open: ?
They permit cigar smoking in the bar and in the outdoor patio area.

Cigar Friendly Casinos

Caesars Tahoe

Lake Tahoe, NV

El Dorado Hotel & Casino
Reno, NV

Sands Regency
Arlington at 3rd
Reno, NV
sostin@ix.netcom.com says that they allow cigar smoking in the casino, at the table and slots.