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Cigar Register / Size Chart

(donated by Mic Bergen)

These PDF format documents are printable from virtually any computer with no loss of resolution. You'll need the Adobe Acrobat reader, however (the same reader you used to read the ASC Newsletter). I'm offering these 2 documents free FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. You may NOT sell these, but please make as many copies as your heart desires, and feel free to give the files or the hardcopy to friends! If you absolutely must thank me, email me at (mbergen@anacreon.com) and I'll give you my address to send me a stogie!

The first document, journal.pdf, is a Cigar Register page. This page has room on the left side for binding (3-hole punching, comb-binding, etc.). There's room on each page for 3 entries. The fields are: Band (large enough for the whole cigar band), Brand, Name, Size Category, Wrapper, Length, Ring, Where Purchased, Cost, Rating, Country, Date, Time, and Notes.

The other document, size.pdf is a Cigar Size Guide. This document has a brief description of size categories, rings from 30 to 64 gauge, and a ruler up to 8" in half inch increments starting at 3". This document has the same formatting as the Register for a unified look (same title graphic at the top, same margin on the left for binding).

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