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Welcome to the Internet Cigar Group's complete listing of online manufacturers of fine cigars! Every effort has been made to keep this list a current and accurate representation of cigar resources available to cybersmokers. If you don't see your favorite manufacturer's site listed here, drop us a line!

The 800 List (retailers, manufacturers, distributors

262 Cigars

Achievment Cigar Company (Ecuador)

Adduci Cigars

Arganese Cigars

Arturo Fuente Cigar Co.

Avalon Cigars (Miami)

Avanti Cigar Company

Avo Uvezian

Barrington House of Jamaica
Manufacturers for more than 30 years of prize winning, exquisite Jamaican cigars, including PRIDE of JAMAICA and FUNDADORES. A superb Dominican premium to follow soon...

Battleground Cigars

Bellaterra Cigars

Bidwell Cigar, Inc

Black Cat Cigar Co.

Black Patch Cigar Co. (Lexington, KY)

Blue Mountain Cigars

Bobalu Cigar Co.

Bolero flavored cigars

Brigham Enterprises (Toronto, Canada)

Brun del Re' Cigars (Costa Rica)

Chamuco Cigars (San Diego, CA)

CAO International

Casillas Cigars

Cesar Cigar Family

Christo Cigar Manufacturing (Germany)

Cigar Factory New Orleans

Cigar Hut (Enigma Cigars)

CMT, Inc./Habitat Monitor -
Precision digital electronic humidity and temperature monitoring, alarm and control products (▒2%RH, ▒0.5░ C). Evaporative humidifiers (seven sizes), thermoelectric coolers, dehumidifiers, heaters, Remote Alarm, dialer.

Cojimar Cigar Co.

Columbus Cigars -
Produced in Honduras under special control, COLUMBUS Cigars are hand-rolled from specially selected Cuban tobacco seeds. The very finest quality Dominican and Honduran filler are used to produce 11 sizes of this fine cigar.

Conch Republic Cigar Factory

Cuban Stock Cigar Co.

Cuban Cigar Factory

Cusano Cigars

CVJ igares SÓrl (Geneva, Switzerland)

Darier & Cleef (Panama)


Don Benigno Cigars

Don Collins Cigars (Puerto Rico)

Don Guillermo Vanilla Cigars

Don Paolo Grand Reserve Cigars

Don Pedro Cigars Don Pedro Cigars (Caguas, PR) -
The Internet's #1 source for hand-made cigars from Puerto Rico. Exotic and traditional blends. Great gifts. Live cigar rolling demonstrations. Lo Mejor de la Tierra (The best of the land).

Don Salvatore

Don Tuto Cigars (Costa Rican)

Don Ursulo Cigars (Costa Rican)

Drew Estate

El Guajiro

El Original El Original -
SANTIAGO CABANA IS BACK! The legendary blender from Cuba returns with his best cigar ever! The El Original is our own six-country blend. A smoke so rich and complex you'll swear you're smoking a Cuban. Exclusively available at Key Largo's Island Smoke Shop.

El Sueno (French)

El Titan De Bronze

Exclusive Cigar Manufacturing Ireland Limited (Ireland)

Felipe Gregorio Inc.

Finck Cigar Company

Fittipaldi Cigars

Garo Habano Garo Habano Fine Cigars -
Garo Habano utilizes the finest, most carefully selected tobaccos, the most skilled and passionate rollers, and the most time-honored methods of fermentation and aging. The result is a cigar with the same quality, taste and impeccable construction today as in 1996. No shortcuts, no excuses.

General Cigar Co.

Grandeza Cigars

Gran Havana Cigar Factory

HAV-A-JOE Cigars

Havana Florida Import Company

Heavenly Cigar Co.

Hispaniola Cigars (D.R.)

House of Cigars

El Original Island Smoke Shop -
The legendary blender Santiago Cabana returns with his best cigar ever! The El Original is our own six-country blend. A smoke so rich and complex you'll swear you're smoking a Cuban.

Isthmus Cigars (Costa Rica)

InterCigar S.A. (Dominican Republic)

J.C. Newman Cigar Co.

J. Cortes Cigars

John Hay Cigars

Jose Carlos Cigars

Kentucky Gentlemen Cigars (Lawrenceburg, KY)

Key West Havana Cigar Co.

La Flor De La Isabela (Philippines)

La Luna La Luna Cigars -
Miami's Best Kept Secret... Located in the heart of Little Havana, FL., the LA LUNA factory produces award-winning cigars that are completely hand crafted in the Cuban tradition.

La Pantera Cigars (Wholesale UK)

La Perla Habana Cigars

Lars Tetens Cigars

Las Vegas Cigar Co.

Latin Gold cigar Factories

La Tradicion Cubana Cigars (Miami, Fl)

Leaf Only (Whole tobacco leaf by the pound)

Los Blancos Cigar Company

Luis Martinez Cigars

Martinez Cigars (New York)

Marsh Wheeling

Martin Family of Cigars

MJ Frias Cigars

Montana Sport Cigar Co.

National Cigar Corporation

Nat Sherman

Nederlandse Vereniging voor de Sigarenindustrie
(Dutch Cigar Manufacturer's Assoc.)

Neptune Cigars

Olifant Cigars (Dutch)

Oliveros Cigars

Pacific Cigar Co. (Lemont, IL)

Padilla Cigars (Miami, FL)

Prime Time Cigars

Purofino Cigars

Puros Indios

Puros Irene

Red Head Cigars (Brazil)

Ricardo's Cigar Shop -
Your one-stop FLAVORED cigar shop! Dozens of brands and tasty flavors. Affordably priced and available as singles or boxes. Many samplers, gifts, and accessories.

Royal Hawaiian Cigars -
Royal Hawaiian Flavored Cigars - Aloha Rum, Kona Coffee and Vanilla-Coconut. Hand-packed on Maui, our Corona Styled cigars are guaranteed to please the most discerning palette.

Sir Vin Cigars

SJI Tobacco (Smokin Joe's)

Specialty Cigars

St. Andrews Cigar Company

Tabacalera del Oriente (Peru)

Tacacalera Perdomo

Tabacos de la Cordillera

Tabacos Don Esteban S.A.

Tabaqueria de Filipinas (Philippines)

Tarazona Cigars (Lynchburg, VA)

Texana Cigar Co.

T.N.J. Cigar Company (Massapequa, NY)

Qijian Crafts (humidors, accessories - China)

Valiente Premium Cigars

VCF Premium Cigars (Honduras)

Vegas de Santiago


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